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About Prosperity SEO For Small Businesses

At Prosperity, we take your small business to the next level with our professional SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization helps you rank your site above the competition within Google Search. 

This is a huge lead source for small businesses and the one’s at the top are generally the same busiensses dominating their industry. 

Fortunately, we can help you beat the competition and become that winning business at the top. 

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What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is and umbrella term used to describe the variety of tactics that go into ranking your site above the competition in Google and other search engines. 

It involves everything from ensuring your website is properly optimized to building links with high authority websites within your industry. It’s powerful, predictable, and it works. 

About Our SEO Services

We practice white-hat SEO. It’s common to find Search Engine Optimization companies claiming to be white-hat but actually practicing techniquest that are destined to get you penalized by Google. 

Instead, we take the approach of doing everything within Googles terms of service. This means we won’t compromise your website with shady link building, poor content, and more of the other tactics commonly used today. 

Our approach starts with a thorough evaluation of your website. We perform an audit to determine any technical errors that need to be addressed. From there, we perform a thorough keyword and competition analysis. We figure out what your competition are ranking for, who’s linking to them and then go to work building that content and getting those links for you. 

From there, we begin creating content, building links, monitering your comeptition and a whole lot more. In short, we’re thorough, we do the work for you, and we help you dominate your space. 

Why Prosperity Consulting?

Prosperity Consulting works with small to medium-sized businesses. In fact, we own a number of small businesses so we understand your needs and budget constraints. We know you may not have a huge advertising budget right now and that every ad you make needs to bring sales into your business.

Beyond our no-pressure policy, check out a few more reasons to work with us…

Transparent reporting

We’re highly transparent in the reporting and the value that we bring to your business. Whether you’re just starting with us and need a website followed by SEO, or you’re an established business looking to expand into new markets, we’ll show you the entire process. 

We save you time

SEO is an in-depth skill set that requries years of experience. Many business owners believe they’re going to do this on their own. They think they’re going to learn the skills they need to beat the marketers who spend their entire careers learning these skills.

Rather than wasting your time, its far smarter to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of this process and profession.

The good news is that, by hiring us, you’re getting years of experience and a team dedicated to your success. We save you time both in wasted effort as well as taking the proper steps from the beginning which help you rank your business in the search results faster.

We create each campaign just for you and your goals

Each SEO case is unique. There are no cookie-cutter approaches in this business. Each business, industry, and market is unique and needs a specific approach. 

With each campaign we create, its completely customized to your business. From the keywords to the competition, we make it for you and only you. 

Why is SEO Great For Small Businesses?

Small businesses have a unique advantage that other companies don’t. When it comes to showing up first in Google, its significantly easier to beat the local competition than it is to beat huge companies that spend millions every year on their marketing and SEO. Most of these companies don’t spend money investing in their marketing like you are. This presents a unique opportunity to dominate the competition. Those who get ahead of the competition, tend to stay there. Keep reading to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and how we can help your business. 

1. It puts you in front of more clients

Most people turn to Google when they need to find a local product or service. In fact, the vast majority of people do this. When your site shows up first, all of those people are seeing your business. This is powerful because they’re local and looking to do business which makes these the best possible leads. 

2. You get more leads

Speaking of leads, when someone searches for a product or service you offer, and you show up first, you get the leads. In fact, the top websites – especially the first result – get a ridiculously disproportionate amount of leads as comparead to anyone below them. It can completely change the financial state of your company and the lead flow is predictable. 

3. Your results continue 

Speaking of a predicitable lead flow, when you’re at the top, you keep getting the leads. Unlike other forms of advertising such as PPC ads, you keep getting leads from SEO even if you’re not spending money. Because once your site is at the top, it generally stays there for a very long time, even if you stop working on it. 

4. Local clients reach out 

If you’re a local business, then SEO is especially beneficial and important. Your business will show up when local clients search. This means the people who find your business through Google are both local and most of the time ready to make a purchase. 

5. You’re building the value of your asset

What’s the most expensive cost in most businesses? 

Customer acquisition! 

When you own a website that consistently generates leads for you, you’re not only saving money on acquiring clients, you’re dramatically increasing the value of your business. If your goal is to sell your business one day, having your own lead source is a huge incentive for prospective buyers.